3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Sheet

Product Details:
3240 epoxy sheet is made of electrical glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, dried and hot pressed.

Color: natural color (yellow), red, green, black, etc. (additional colors can be added and mixed into multiple colors) Regular size: 1020×2040mm, 1220×2040mm, 1220×1020mm, special size can be customized



1.3240 epoxy sheet has excellent mechanical properties, high strength of the machine port at medium temperature, and good electrical performance stability under high humidity.
2.3240 epoxy sheet is an excellent insulating material with high dielectric properties, surface leakage resistance, and arc resistance
3. Temperature resistance class: Class B



It is suitable for mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrical, and other fields. It is also used in the processing of insulating parts, and processed into various insulating parts and equipment insulating structural parts.



No  Index name Index
1 Vertical layer bending strength (normal) 345Mpa
2 Parallel layer impact strength (simple beam method) 34.5KJ/m²
3 Tensile strength 300Mpa
4 Insulation resistance after immersion in water(D-24/23) ≥5.0×108
5 Vertical layer direction electric strength (in 90±2℃ transformer oil, plate thickness 1mm) ≥10.2MV/m
6 Parallel layer direction breakdown voltage (in 90±2℃ transformer oil) ≥35KV
7 Dielectric constant (50Hz) ≤5.5
8 Dielectric constant (1MHz) ≤5.5
9 Dielectric loss factor (50Hz) ≤0.04
10 Dielectric loss factor (1MHz) ≤0.04
11 Water absorption (D-24/23, plate thickness 1.6mm) ≤21.5mg






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